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I am new in programming and it may look naive to some of you, but I am a little bit curious why Toolkit Pro is needed if Suite Pro exist. Although Toolkit is specificly for MFC, Suite Pro can be also used in VC++ development. If we would like to use VC++ to develop a product, which one is more suitable? If we use MFC in the developing, does it mean Toolkit will be the only choice?

Thanks in advance for your explanation.

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I guess they using at different application scenarios. Toolkit Pro for native MFC application, if your application is already developed with VC++ & MFC, use Toolkit Pro can better with your existing applications are combined together. Otherwise you can consider using Suite Pro. I only used Toolkit Pro at MFC application.

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Suite Pro is for ActiveX environments, where you can use it in VB 6 (Legacy) or NET language which supports ActiveX objects - such as C#, VB.NET WinForms and using ActiveX.

Toolkit Pro is for native MFC C++ environment.

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