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I don't know if somebody has already solved this problem or not, I couldn't find anywhere. So I have created at Distributed System based on JAVA RMI and it provides various services to multiple users, the system should always be online. I know, I could have used web based services, but because I had to use a legacy system built earlier in JAVA, it was really difficult to modify everything for web based system. So, the problem is, I want to pass parameters to the program at run time which cab be done using database or objects. One of my friends suggested that I can using polling mechanism, but I don't know how effective is it? Has anybody else faced similar problems? Is there any other better mechanism to solve such problem.

sorry you didn't understand my question. Multiple users login to my distributed system via website. My distributed system runs on one computer, running various services like running different simulations. the data between the website and the system is transferred using data base. so if the user specify some parameter, it is saved to a table in database, the distributed system keep listening to that table using polling, the similar activity is being performed by the website, i.e, it polls until the results it needs is put on the table. because both systems run on different machines, there is no direct communication between them. In MVC paradigm, View and Model are at different computers and running completely different types of program( JAVA and PHP based website), I have used database as the mediator between them. But I want to know is there any other way of passing values to such JAVA based system using some program or library.

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"[...] the problem is, I want to pass parameters to the program at run time [...]" I think you will need to provide more information than that to get help. – Edwin Dalorzo Jun 7 '13 at 23:02
@EdwinDalorzo exactly what I was thinking. – AJMansfield Jun 7 '13 at 23:06
You need to be much more specific if you expect to get any kind of real help. Can you upload example code, or at least describe in detail the exact circumstances of use? – AJMansfield Jun 7 '13 at 23:08
I have given more details. – user2465159 Jun 7 '13 at 23:27

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