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I was able to make an inline jQuery datepicker style calendar so that when there are events happening on a certain day, it will be highlighted.

Now the problem is, I want to add a event listener to that specific highlighted dates, so that when user clicks on that date, the page will return all events happening on that day.

Right now I am using the following method as a workaround

  var selectedDate = $j('#datePicker').datepicker("getDate");
  //function to retrieve all events on selectedDate;        

but it has drawbacks,

  1. When I click on any part of the calendar, the event is fired;
  2. It doesn't filter the un-highlighted dates;

What is the proper way to add click event listener to a specific date? I know for some advanced jQuery coders it is pretty basic. Sorry if someone has already asked the question, I looked it up in the API but couldn't find anything.

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I bet you can bind the handler to the change event instead. You probably have to do the filtering inside the handler. –  Felix Kling Jun 7 '13 at 23:32
Thank you so much @FelixKling, it works! –  James Zhao Jun 7 '13 at 23:36

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