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Is there a way in which we can modify the input stream during parsing using Javacc ? I have a use case where I want to replace a token with a string during parsing and then parse that replaced string.

For example,

define var $x="2*2";
evaluate $x;

So, during parsing when I encounter any token that starts with $ like $x in this case, I should do an inline replacement and then parse it normally using Javacc.

So, from the above example, it means I should be parsing the following statement after inline replacement :

evaluate "2*2";

Is this possible in Javacc ? Can we modify the input stream, so that on seeing a special token I append its inline replacement to the input stream ?


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The usual way to do this is to do a preprocessing pass before parsing begins -- this is how C compilers generally work. If you must do it during parsing, then you would need to use a custom input stream -- see the documentation on how to do that. And you would have to be very careful about lookahead.

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