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I'm using Emacs + auctex to edit latex on Ubuntu on two computers, both are running Ubuntu 13.04.

On one computer, at beginning I run Emacs23 with auctex and it works fine; but yesterday I decide to update to Emacs24 then there're lots of problems.

First I simply use

apt-get install emacs24

, but after that, I found that I cannot open any ".tex" files anymore, every time I load a .tex file, emacs crashed, it has no response for few mins then stop working and close (both Emacs23 and Emacs24). No error message is available.

So I remove all relative package and re-install again (texlive, emacs and auctex), but after doing that, it still doesn't work. Then I delete all the init settings (clean the .emacs file under home directory), but the situation keeps the same.

Then I try to delete all emacs folder (~/emacs.d/, /etc/emacs/, /etc/emacs23/, /etc/emacs24/, /usr/share/emacs/, /usr/share/emacs23/, /usr/share/emacs24) and download new el files (ispell.el, debian-ispell.el, flyspell.el) and re-install emacs again.

But even I don't specify any latex related packages in .emacs configuration, and don't install auctex, my emacs can still not open .tex files.

I thought if I clean the configuration and don't use auctex, it should at least load the .tex file as pure tex?

I doubt this situation is about some spell checking packages, but after spending several hrs searching on internet, I still cannot solve this issue.

Is there anyone knows how to handle this kind of situation? otherwise I think I need to spend hrs to re-install the whole ubuntu system...... ><

By the way , on another computer, Emacs24 + auctex works perfectly.

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I would start by commenting out all of the Tex related commands and hooks in your .emacs or equivalent of init.el file, and disable auctex. Then you can open tex files as long as your emacs installation is intact. Then, remove the old auctex package and replace it with a fresh install of auctex using package-list-packages. Then slowly re-enable the user-defined tex settings in your init.el until you find the problem. Try using a tex file in tex-mode and see if you can see it, then try changing to tex-mode or latex-mode. –  lawlist Jun 8 '13 at 5:18
I'd try emacs from another package: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cassou/emacs. –  Adobe Jun 8 '13 at 21:38
Ever tried emacs -Q? Or emacs --debug? –  Hongxu Chen Jun 9 '13 at 6:47
Sorry that didn't see you comment until now, I figured out that the problem is due to the UI environment. I use KDE, so when I choose incompatible appearance for emacs, it will crash when loading .tex file. –  Claire Huang Apr 3 at 1:56

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