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I want to to make a particular processing for the last item of a partialLoop, the documentation mention about $this->partialCounter but not the variable with the total number of items ...

if( $this->partialCounter == $mysteryvariable -1 ): 

I am missing something I think ... cannot get my hand on that variable ...

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Zend_Registy::set('PartialCount', count($iterable));

and then in your view

$count = Zend_Registy::get('PartialCount');

Fast and crappy, but working. Other way would be to to extend PartialLoop helper ;)

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yeah I suspected I can use the Registry but that's really hacky, lucky in this case I count make it work by changing the position of the offending tag so could make a test like if($this->partialCounter == 1) but that not really satifying .. wondering why they don't put a partialTotal or something like that –  RageZ Nov 10 '09 at 1:17
other possibility is to inject the count to the iterabler object. Not array(0 => array('red' => 10), 1 =>array('red' => 5)); use array(0 => array('red' => 10, 'count' => 2), 1 =>array('red' => 5, 'count' => 2)); But that's also a hack and even more it's and less effective hack :D –  Tomáš Fejfar Nov 10 '09 at 15:18

In order to get the total number of items, you will have to either extend Zend_View_Helper_PartialLoop to provide a method that returns the count of the iterable object being used by the PartialLoop.

Or, and I would say this is probably easier, just get the count of items in the object before you pass it into the PartialLoop since you have to pass either a Traversable object or an actual array into the PartialLoop helper and both implement support for count().

From the documentation:

<?php // partialLoop.phtml ?>
    <dt><?php echo $this->key ?></dt>
    <dd><?php echo $this->value ?></dd>

<?php // MyController.php

    public function indexAction()
        $this->view->$model = array(
                                 array('key' => 'Mammal', 'value' => 'Camel'),
                                 array('key' => 'Bird', 'value' => 'Penguin'),
                                 array('key' => 'Reptile', 'value' => 'Asp'),
                                 array('key' => 'Fish', 'value' => 'Flounder'),

        $this->view->modelCount = count($this->view->model); 

From index.phmtl

<p>Count: <?= $this->modelCount ?></p>
<?php echo $this->partialLoop('partialLoop.phtml', $this->model) ?>
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@gabriel1836: Thanks for the answer, what do you mean by pass it into the partialLoop? if you can write a small example –  RageZ Nov 9 '09 at 8:10
I need the count in the partial ^^ like the last item is different from other items (i.e. no ending span ... ) –  RageZ Nov 10 '09 at 1:15
@RagZ - Are you saying that you want to know the current position of the array or iterable object and not just the total count of items in the array or object? –  Noah Goodrich Nov 10 '09 at 10:51

I knew this is an old issue, but in ZF 1.12.1 this will be fixed. Till then there is a patch to get under following URL:


Regards, Sascha

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