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I have installed

windows 8
Wamp server

here i have added my local site but as you know i am able to access


from the this computer where i have installed wamp the ip address is like= now from thei computer i can acess

but from other computer i can't access this but it's connection is fine i can ping it


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The most likely cause is you're being blocked by the firewall, make sure to add an exception to your firewall exception list to allow the connection.

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i solved the problem by disabling the firewall for port 80.

  1. Go to Search on right side of windows.
  2. search "firewall".
  3. open the "firewall with advanced".
  4. go to inbound rules.
  5. click on "new rule".
  6. select the "Port" option.
  7. click "next"
  8. select "TCP" option.
  9. select "Specific local ports:".
  10. type "80" in next text box
  11. click next.
  12. select the "Allow the connection".
  13. click "next".
  14. click "next".
  15. give the name "Port 80 Allow Rule".
  16. click "next".

Note: this is not a secure way. delete this newly created rule when you complete your work.

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:( not working for me –  Haseeb Jan 28 at 11:40

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