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my batch file asking for input y/n. i run that batch file using CreateProcess() method. If i run my batch file with /y as commnad line, it not ask for input. e.g

run.bat /y

i want to run my batch file using CreateProcess() with command line /y,as above e.g, i don't know how to do this using CreateProcess() an i don't want to modify my batch file.

::CreateProcess(L"run.bat",NULL,NULL,NULL,TRUE,CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE,NULL,NULL,&startInfo,&procInfo ) , i also try this

::CreateProcess(L"run.bat",L"/y",NULL,NULL,TRUE,CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE,NULL,NULL,&startInfo,&procInfo )

but,it not works. If anyone know how to do this,plz let me know.

::CreateProcess(L"run.bat",L"/y",NULL,NULL,TRUE,CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE,NULL,NULL,&startInfo,&procInfo ) this works fine. it's my mistake i change in if part and my flow goes in else part. and i always change in my if part. thanks for quick reply.

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Try this

::CreateProcess(L"cmd.exe", L"/c run.bat /y", NULL, NULL, TRUE, CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE,
     NULL, NULL, &startInfo, &procInfo )

As it says on MSDN

To run a batch file, you must start the command interpreter; set lpApplicationName to cmd.exe and set lpCommandLine to the following arguments: /c plus the name of the batch file.

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I try this,but it's not work, I also try this if(::CreateProcess(L"G:\\run.bat",L"\/y",NULL,NULL,TRUE,CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE,NULL,‌​NULL,&startInfo,&procInfo ) > 0) –  minu Jun 8 '13 at 7:47
CreateProcess("cmd.exe", "/c run.bat /y", ... does not use PATH to search for cmd.exe so, if none is present in current directory (which is extremely likely), it fails. CreateProcess(NULL, "cmd.exe /c run.bat /y", ..., on the other hand, DOES search the PATH. –  Eugene Ryabtsev Feb 12 at 7:16
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