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In Cells A1:A4 I have Dates. In Cells B1:B4 I have numbers. In C1 I have todays date. I want in Column D1 the sum of all the values in B which have a corresponding date in column A that is less than or equal to the date in C1. For example:

     A           B      C          D
1   6.6.13      300    8.6.13     512
2   7.6.13      200     
3   8.6.13       12   
4   9.6.13        5

D1 Should be calculated by a formula. How can I achieve this with a formula. I have tried


but it seems to not be correct.

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The if condition has to be in quotes; try the following:

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Great. This works. Can you explain what teh & is for the &C1? – VaccinalBowl Jun 8 '13 at 8:12
It concatenates the string "<=" and the value from C1 together, so that the final string is "<=(value of C1)". This is needed instead of "<=C1" because that would be checking against the string "C1" and not the value from the field C1. – Herman Tran Jun 8 '13 at 8:38

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