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I have this coded on my layout sass file,

I'm using Susy Grid System and here's the values I set.

$total-columns: 12
$column-width: 60px
$gutter-width: 20px
$grid-padding: 10px

Problem is the container still gives me a 940px value instead of 960px.

Any solutions for this?.

Here's the full view.

$show-grid-backgrounds: true

@import "susy"

// For full Susy documentation, visit:

$total-columns: 12
$column-width: 60px
$gutter-width: 20px
$grid-padding: 10px

  // Include `container` if this element will contain a grid system.
  @include container($total-columns)
  // Apply our grid background stripes for development.
  @include susy-grid-background

header, #main-content, footer
  // Clearfix for full-width elements
  @include clearfix
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My output (copy/pasting your code) shows a width of 940px and a padding of 10px. Since padding is added to width, that is correct, and you have a final 960px container. If you are using the border-box model, where padding is subtracted from the width, Susy can adjust for that, but you have to tell Susy that. You can either set the $border-box-sizing variable to true or use the built-in border-box-sizing mixin to apply the border-box model to all elements. See the docs for more.

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