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I try to define TextEdit DependencyProperty, because I want to get a TextEdit "Text" value, which was inputed by user. Then I want to use this value in another static class, which forms an SQL query depending on that entered "Text". My Dependency Property:

public class FrameworkElement : UIElement
        public static readonly DependencyProperty TextBoxEnteredValueProperty;

        static FrameworkElement()

            FrameworkPropertyMetadata metadata1 = new FrameworkPropertyMetadata(
                new TextEdit(), FrameworkPropertyMetadataOptions.AffectsMeasure);
            TextBoxEnteredValueProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("Text",
            typeof(TextEdit), typeof(FrameworkElement));


        public TextEdit TextBoxValueForText
            set { SetValue(TextBoxEnteredValueProperty, value); }
            get { return (TextEdit)GetValue(TextBoxEnteredValueProperty); }


Then I try to get a value, but everything what I get is "null" :

public static string ExecuteCmd1(Window form)//, string CommandName, string[] Args)
            object ddd = form.GetValue(FrameworkElement.TextBoxEnteredValueProperty); }

What I do wrong, can someone Help me with that? Thanks

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Are you setting the property anywhere? If not, it will always be null! How are you expecting that the property will be set: do you have a Text Box showing on screen, for example? – Samuel Jack Nov 9 '09 at 8:52
Ops, I think I dont... How to do that if I want to set all values of TextEdits to this property?Or isnt possible? – Vytas Nov 9 '09 at 9:12

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