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Here's the code:

    class MulticastController < ApplicationController

    def getResults

             if params[:creategroup] #makes a new group
                @@groups << searchHash
                @@group_name << params[:groupname]

                if @@groups.size>5


            if params[:displaygroup] 
                @@group_name.each_with_index do |gr,i|
                    render :new_results, :layout => false

On the views portion I have-

        <div class="span6 service">
            <% group_name.each do|grp|%>
                <%= grp %><br>
            <%end %><br><br>
            <input type="hidden" name="displaygroup" value="1">
                <input type="text" name="inputgroupname" value="inputgroupname">

I dont know what to do, its giving me an " uninitialized class variable @@group_name in ActionView::CompiledTemplates " error.

I want the variables group and group_name to be common to all the instances of multicast. stuck.

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2 Answers 2


def getResults
        @@groups ||= []
        @@group_name ||= []

instead of

def getResults

The operator ||= will initialize your variable, but only if it is not already initialized.

And please listen to the comments of Ivan Shamatov about code style and patterns.

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Well, to access groups class variables you need to do MulticastController.groups in your view.

You are missing so much about ruby here, not even talking about rails.

  • using spaces instead of tabs
  • using underscore naming instead of camelCase
  • using REST
  • using MVC, where controller just operate with objects but not storing anything in itself

So here are some questions: why are you doing like this?

or like that?

def getResults

Your code is really hard to understand...

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