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i have a grid which have 3 column .

and my need is when user click on the grid add button in first column serial number should come.

 ar grid1 = new JQGrid(Name: "jqGridsample1", LoadUrl: "/Invoice/GetGridData",
                Columns: new List<JQGridColumn>() {                
                new JQGridColumn(Name: "Sno",ColHeader: "Serial No.", DataType: "string", IsSortable:false, IsFixed:true, IsResize: true,Hidden:false),
                new JQGridColumn(Name: "Head",ColHeader: "Head", DataType: "string",IsSortable:true, IsFixed:true, IsResize: true, IsEditable:true,EditType:"select",Items:(ViewData["CourseList"] as List<SelectListItem>),OnChange:"SelectCourseChange"),
                 new JQGridColumn(Name: "Amount",ColHeader: "Total Amount", DataType: "string", IsSortable:false, IsFixed:true, IsResize: true,Hidden:false),

            }, IsPaging: true, PageSize: "8", IsSortable: true, ShowEmptyRows: true,EditType: JQGridEditType.Inline,  MultiSelect:false,IsEdit: true, IsDelete: true, IsInsert: true, Height: "200", ExtraParamMethod: "CreateExtraMethod()"

i need serial number in first column when user click on add button

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If the serial number as the GUID, and you would like to generate on the client side, these links may help:

A thorough summary: How to create a GUID / UUID in Javascript?

A detailed solution: https://github.com/broofa/node-uuid/blob/master/uuid.js

The minimum space occupying solution: https://gist.github.com/jed/982883

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