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Some days ago i compiled boost ver. 1_53_0 for vs2012, works fine, compiles fine. Now i want to use boost with Qt creator. In the .pro file i've included

INCLUDEPATH += C:\boost\boost_1_53_0\  -lboost_filesystem
LIBS += C:/boost/boost_1_53_0/stage/lib/

but when i compile i get 2 errors:

:-1: error: cannot find C:/boost/boost_1_53_0/stage/lib/: Permission denied
collect2.exe:-1: error: error: ld returned 1 exit status

what should i do? i've googled but seems i'm the first with this error.

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INCLUDEPATH += C:\boost\boost_1_53_0\  -lboost_filesystem
LIBS += C:/boost/boost_1_53_0/stage/lib/


Read this.


INCLUDEPATH += C:/boost/boost_1_53_0/
LIBS += "-LC:/boost/boost_1_53_0/stage/lib/"

Boost has complicated library names ("libboost_filesystem-vc90-mt-1_53.lib") and in case of msvc it links them automatically.) If you want to link additional lib, you do it like this:

LIBS += "-LMyLibraryPath" -lmylib

Where MyLibraryPath is library path, and mylib is library you want to link with.

i'm the first with this error.

The error most likely occurs because compiler tries to open directory as if it were a file or something like that.

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thanks, it works when i include <boost/regex.hpp> or <boost/config.hpp> but when i try to include <boost/asio.hpp> i get a bunch of errors. what's the cause? –  ddacot Jun 8 '13 at 11:05
@ddacot: I don't see your "asio errors", because you haven't posted them, so I don't know what's the case. I suggest to ask separate question about it, or update this one. –  SigTerm Jun 8 '13 at 11:07
sorry, i just forgot to put the link, here it is : s1.directupload.net/images/130608/koyvqpdp.jpg –  ddacot Jun 8 '13 at 11:10
To use boost::filesystem, you need to link to boost::system as well. –  Uflex Jun 8 '13 at 13:53
thanks, resolved. –  ddacot Jun 8 '13 at 20:57

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