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I am trying to migrate my code form glib-dbus to gdbus. In earlier implementations both the class struct and instance struct could be defined by me and pointers were allowed as properties.

struct test {
  GObject parent;
  some_structure *pointer;

My instance struct had pointers, which I can easily manage.

But in gdbus, the code is generated using gdbus-codegen - all the class and instance structs are auto-generated according to the introspection XML file.

So I have 2 questions

  1. gdbus uses Gvariant, which clearly mentions it doesn't supports pointers. Is there any workaround for that?
  2. Can I add internal members to the instance struct created by gdbus-codegen?

I tried to google these things but as I am new to gobjects and gdbus stuff I was not sure.

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1) GVariant is used for method parameters, not for instance/app-data pointers (which are what you're asking about if I understand correctly)

2) For your gdbus-based server implementation, you'd typically use signal-handlers (as described in

Then, to provide provide app-data, you can simply pass that through the g_signal_connect user-data pointer.

As a alternative, it's possible to use g_object_set_data to attach an app-data pointer to your instance, which you can then later retrieve with g_object_get_data.

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