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I want to show the customer accounts for a certain date in my program.

I insert date to my database as string and I want to select record(s) which it's date value is between 2 specific dates. These dates are chosen by user .

I don't know how should I write this line of code . How is the select statement ?

How is changed my code after that?

SELECT remined,paidMoney,payment,restOfMoney,factorID FROM tbl_CustomerAccount      where customerName='" + (cmdCustomName.Text) + "' and factorDate????? ;
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I insert date to my database as string [...] when i choose from 2013/4/3 to 2013/5/7 ... it gives me (for example) 2013/4/4/ ,2013/4/24,2013/5/5, 2013/5/14 ... but I want the 2013/4/3 's factors too and also I don't want the 2013/5/14 . what's my wrong ?

What is wrong is that you are comparing Strings, not Dates, and so

2013/5/1 4 is before 2013/5/7 => it is in your query.

In order to compare dates stored as string you need to convert them from string to date, using the CDate function. Check this Convert a string to a date in Access

The synthax of the accepted answer will work only if the dates are stored as date, what is highly recommanded.

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so I changed my input dates from 2013/5/7 to 2013/05/07 .yes it works now :) ... thanks . –  saha Jun 9 '13 at 11:21

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