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I have a python script that runs on aws machines, as well as on other machines. The functionality of the script depends on whether or not it is on AWS.

Is there a way to programmatically discover whether or not it runs on AWS? (maybe using boto?)

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If you want to do that strictly using boto, you could do:

import boto.utils
md = boto.utils.get_instance_metadata(timeout=.1, num_retries=0)

The timeout specifies the how long the HTTP client will wait for a response before timing out. The num_retries parameter controls how many times the client will retry the request before giving up and returning and empty dictionary.

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FYI, older versions of boto (e.g. python-boto v2.2.2 on Ubuntu Precise) don't support the timeout and num_retries parameters. – Alastair Irvine May 16 '14 at 18:14

you can easily use the AWS SDK and check for instance id. beside of that, you can check the aws ip ranges - check out this link

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I found a way, using:

    instance_id_resp = requests.get('')
    is_on_aws = True
except requests.exceptions.ConnectionError as e:
    is_on_awas = False
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I tried some of the above, and when not running on Amazon I had troubles accessing Maybe it has something to do with the fact I'm running from a non-US geography.

In any case, here's a piece of code that worked for me:

def running_on_amazon():
  import urllib2
  import socket

  # I'm using, but there are other websites that provide the same service 
  ip_finder_addr = "" 
  f = urllib2.urlopen(ip_finder_addr)
  my_ip =
  host_addr = socket.gethostbyaddr(my_ip)

  my_public_name = host_addr[0]
  amazon = (my_public_name.find("aws") >=0 )
  return amazon # returns a boolean value. 
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