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How to find a snippet's location in directory? I know its scope and trigger key but can't seem to find it.

Any way to do it without going through all directories one-by-one?

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Snippets are defined in .sublime-snippet files, and are stored in the Packages/<Language Name> directory of the language they are associated with. For example, the PHP do-while snippet is stored in Packages/PHP/do-while(-).sublime-snippet. Depending on the language, snippets may be stored in the base directory, or in a Snippets/ subdirectory, or some other place in the hierarchy, as ST2 searches the full directory tree for them.

Of course, if you want to find all .sublime-snippet files, the following command will do it nicely when executed in the Packages directory on OSX/Linux:

find . -name *.sublime-snippet -print

For Windows, just use the Find Files feature in Windows Explorer.

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