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I'm trying to develop a regular expression for validating a password which should meet following criteria

  • should have at least one Uppercase letter,
  • should have at least one Lowercase letter,
  • should have at least one Special character,
  • should have at least one digit,
  • must be minimum 6 characters long.

I have developed a expression for that:

password_pattern=/^(?=.*[0-9]) (?=.*[!@#$%^&*]) (?=.*[a-z]) (?=.*[A-Z]) {6} $/

However it is not working as I intended. What am I going wrong?

I'm new to regular expressions, so I'd appreciate an explanation rather than a 'use this' sort of answer, please explain.

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Do NOT limit what password people may use. link –  Niet the Dark Absol Jun 8 '13 at 13:18
well he's giving it a lower limit, which is actually a pretty sane thing to do –  blue Jun 8 '13 at 13:32

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You are missing a single dot before the {6}, and you've added spaces, which you shouldn't have:

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