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i coded a slide to slip left to right but i don't know why it just runs once time, it does run a first image again when it run last image.Anyone help me,sorry for my bad english. hope you undertands.


  <img src="Britney-Spears.jpg" class="img" />
  <img src="Britney-Spears-101[1].JPG" class="img" />
  <img src="Britney-Spears-Wallpaper-18.jpg" class="img" />


.neoslideshow {position:relative; width:500px; height:260px; background:#0C9; overflow:hidden;} .neoslideshow img {position:absolute; top:0;width:400px; height:260px;}


$(document).ready(function() {

$('.neoslideshow img:gt(0)').css('left',-500);
function slide()
    $('.neoslideshow :first-child').animate({left:"+=500"},"slow").css('left',-500)


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