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I want to find all the "code" matches in my input string (With GWT RegExp). When I call the "regExp.exec(inputStr)" method it only returns the first match, even when I call it multiple times:

String input = "ff <code>myCode</code> ff <code>myCode2</code> dd <code>myCode3</code>";

String patternStr = "<code[^>]*>(.+?)</code\\s*>";

// Compile and use regular expression
RegExp regExp = RegExp.compile(patternStr);
MatchResult matcher = regExp.exec(inputStr);

boolean matchFound = (matcher != null); // equivalent to regExp.test(inputStr); 
if (matchFound) {
    // Get all groups for this match
    for (int i=0; i<matcher.getGroupCount(); i++) {
        String groupStr = matcher.getGroup(i);

How can I get all the matches?

Edit: Like greedybuddha noted: A regex is not really suited to parse (X)HTML. I gave JSOUP a try and it is much more convienient than with a regex. My code with jsoup now looks like this. I am renaming all code tags and apply them a CSS-Class:

    String input = "ff<code>myCode</code>ff<code>myCode2</code>";
Document doc = Jsoup.parse(input, "UTF-8");

Elements links = doc.select("code"); // a with href

for(Element link : links){

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Compile the regular expression with the "g" flag, for global matching.

RegExp regExp = RegExp.compile(patternStr,"g");

I think you will also want "m" for multiline matching, "gm".

That being said, for HTML/XML parsing you should consider using JSoup or another alternative.

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Thanks, i switched to JSOUP and it much more convinient! –  jan Jun 8 '13 at 17:12
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