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i need to compare two images and identify differences on them as percentage. "Absdiff" function on emgucv doesn't help with that. i already done that compare example on emgucv wiki. what i exactly want is how to get two image difference in numerical format?

//emgucv wiki compare example

//acquire the frame
Frame = capture.RetrieveBgrFrame(); //aquire a frame
 Difference = Previous_Frame.AbsDiff(Frame);
//what i want is
double differenceValue=Previous_Frame."SOMETHING";

if you need more detail plz ask. Thanks in advance.

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Have you considered using the MatchTemplate function? Use one image as the template and the other as the image to be matched. This results in a single numerical value (float) that corresponds to how well the two images correlate. Just a thought... – Bryan Greenway Mar 6 '14 at 16:54

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