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I just discovered Sphero and I love this little ball, so I want to develop apps!

Is there a common coding language that most of Sphero's app developers use so that I can learn it and start building?

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From glancing over this page http://developer.gosphero.com. You can use Java for developing on the Android platform and Objective-C for iOS. Looks like there is also a plugin for Unity that uses C#.

That webpage also contains guides for the individual platforms and examples.

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OK thank you! :) –  Gab Rochon Jun 8 '13 at 20:30

You could also use ruby with artoo framework: http://artoo.io/documentation/platforms/sphero/ or javascript with cylon framework: http://cylonjs.com/documentation/platforms/sphero/ or even go, with gobot.io/documentation/platforms/sphero/ framework too.

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