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Where to set the JDK to be used by the SunOne server on Solaris?

Is it all configured via an environment variable like JDK_HOME or JAVA_HOME, or is there a config file for the SunOne server somewhere where the path to the JDK is being set?

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All startup scripts of this kind should at least be based on the JAVA_HOME environment variable, that you can set on Solaris.

You can look if you fond a '.cfg' file in which you may define the same variable: the Sun ONE Studio Solaris installation page does reference one (but that is for Studio).
Of you could edit directly the script used to run the server, in its 'bin' directory.

But if there is no config file, you can simply make a script (like this one) to wrap the startup sequence and define that variable.
That way, your .profile can still define a JDK while your 'SunOne Server start' script uses another.

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