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I have a flash template for a website and i can't get it working with special characters like šđćčž

The main page of template is about us and it consists of


index page is basically flash container which do animation but loading files from other pages like news, about us, contact, gallery.

The page that i want to load is about us and it consists of


And about_us page load text content from about_us.xml file

At first some of you would say to check if those characters are included in flash file and if font supports it. So i opened index.fla file and embeded those characters and also selected all characters in character range. I made sure that font support special characters by opening photoshop and checking if characters will display correctly if i type there.

I also opened index.html file and converted encoding from ANSI to utf-8, and in meta tag i set charset=utf-8

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

And i also opened about_us.xml file, which is holding text to display on website and converted encoding from ANSI to utf-8, and also set xml encoding="utf-8"

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

But still no luck, i tried few different combinations and i can't get it working

So on website if i write:

Ovo je zvanična prezentacija naših domaćih proizvoda.

Instead of this i get:

Ovo je zvanina prezentacija naih domaih proizvoda.

I need to implement characters from Serbian Latin language so these are characters like ŠšĐđČčĆ掞 but i can't get it working.

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I have not had this issue myself, but maybe this might help?

It looks like you would need to set useCodePage to false.

Is your text rendering in the swf or in html?

Edit: I've noticed that certain fonts can also cause trouble. Have you tried a different (preferably system rather than embedded) font?

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I have found solution by my self. Everyone keep suggesting me to embed fonts in flash and set my xml files to utf-8 which is correct.

But template i was editing was made in flash 8 and i am using flash cs6 so when i publish it, it was converted to flash cs6 and that mada it to not work somehow, when i set to publish in flash 8 compatibility, now i see fonts, and template works.

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