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I'd like to make a .change event that fires whenever text is changed in a certain class of input boxes. I have several boxes that I would like to sum together and refresh the total any time the values are changed. Can I create a function that references a .change event for an entire class?

It's relatively straightforward to make a "change" action for an input box (id="Value1"):

    alert("The text has been changed.");

So let's say that "Value1" is a class SumText box:

   <input class="SumText" type="text" id="Value1">

Every time that any of the fields of class "SumText" change I would like to fire a function that adds them all together. For the sake of simplicity let's just say all we have is "Value1" and "Value2". We can output that sum to "Total". "Total" is of class TotalText

Can this be done in JQuery? It would save me from having to create an event handler for each, and from having to specify a target function in each input box for onchange.

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Use .keypress to catch any changes in text input. But this will trigger each time keyboard button is pressed. $('#Value1').keypress(function(){ console.log($(this).val()); }); –  Omar Jun 8 '13 at 19:49
Omar, that does seem to work quite well. I was unaware of that functionality (I'm still new to JQuery). Thanks for the tip! –  Shrout1 Jun 8 '13 at 19:55

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    alert("Some text has been changed.");

There you have it. It is the same as for an ID, but with a dot instead of a pound sign.

Edit: But might be better served by the keypress or keydown methods instead, as has been pointed out by @omar

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Works great! Thank you! –  Shrout1 Jun 8 '13 at 19:57

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