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I'm trying to read from a file using lua in Splay simulator and I'm using the next code:


-- Force restricted_io for local tests
io = require("splay.restricted_io")

-- All parameters except directory are optional
    directory = "/home/alex/Desktop/SPLAY/splay_client_commands_1.4/workspace", -- mandatory
    no_std = true, -- disable stdin, stdout and stderr
    keep_popen = false, -- disable dangerous popen() function
    max_file_descriptors = 128,
    max_size = 128 * 1024 * 1024, -- total file system size
    max_files = 1024,
    clean = true -- delete all files in the directory

local f = assert(io.open("test.txt", "r"))
local t = f:read("*all")

Because I'm in a sandbox Splay I have to use restrictive_io and that init function(taken from the site of Splay project). But I get the next error at the line with "io = require("splay.restricted_io")": "Require of splay.restricted_io refused".

Does anyone know what could be the problem?

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