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I am just starting to study ASP.NET from my WPF Knowledge. I think the UI designing is very difficult in ASP.NET compared to WPF XAML design.

I have a problem in my UI layout. In WPF we use Width=" * " and Height=" * " to adjust height and width of the controls like listview, listbox so that the application can run in any resolution without overlapping ? What is the alternate way to set height and width in ASP.NET?

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Ideally you'll want to be setting the style's of your controlls using CSS.

If you have a control that has a CssClass="myControl" then in your CSS you'll be able to do the following:

    width: *px;

Where * is a numerical value. You can also change the value type from px to % and other value types.

Using a % value type will allow you to cater for multiple resolutions whilst retaining a similar feel to your application.

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Use '%' for specifying height and width.

Specified as a of containing block's width.


width and height

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