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The jsbin below works and the hashbang url changes just fine, when clicking on links.

You can live preview it here:


jsbin code view

When I add code to thesame jsbin, in order to use emberjs history location, the url doesn’t change and it fails with undefined. See the new jsbin for that:


Just scroll 3/4 way down to see where I added:

    location: ‘history’

This also failed:

    location: 'history',
    rootURL: '/'

This is the whole router:

  EmBlog.Router.map(function() {
     this.resource("posts", function(){
     this.route('show', {path: '/:post_id'}) ;
     this.route('edit', {path: '/:post_id/edit'});

For instance, clicking on the post link below, doesn't change the URL but it only displays the content in the posts template:

  <script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="application">

     <li> {{#linkTo "index"}} Home {{/linkTo}} </li>        
     <li> {{#linkTo 'posts'}} Post {{/linkTo}} </li>  

     <div> {{outlet}}</div>
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For your issue, the problem is with the jsbin url. You would need to set the /:sha/:id/edit/ when you change the baseUrl when you reopen the router

    location: 'history',
    rootURL: '/aqifug/6/edit/'

I had a few other issues with your code. One was with ember-data. I just changed it to the latest ember build. And the needs for commentNew also wasn't working.

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Thanks for helping out. I presume that this is your updated [jsbin](jsbin.com/aqifug/4/edit ) since it has the latest ember-data. It still doesn't work with location history, even when I use rootURL: '/aqifug/6/edit/'. This doesn't run even outside jsbin. On my dev machine, it has a Rails backend, from where I extracted the emberjs code to jsbin to enable me show the code related to the question. Even on the dev machine with rails backend, the history location doesn't work. So it might not only be a jsbin issue. Thanks –  brg Jun 18 '13 at 10:46

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