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I can't get Jekyll's markdown processor to listen to me. These all display as is:

1.  ~Call Mom today.~

1.  ~~Call Mom today.~~

This just makes the internal text disappear:

1.  <s> Call Mom today.</s>

I'm using Jekyll Bootstrap pretty much out of the box.

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Perhaps this

markdown: redcarpet
  extensions: ["strikethrough"]

Github flavored Markdown and pygments highlighting in Jekyll


kramdown <<< '1. <s>Call Mom today.</s>'


    <s>Call Mom today.</s>

Note if you are using jekyll --watch this config change will not be picked up; you will need to restart Jekyll.

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Looks like I have a more general problem. stackoverflow.com/questions/17004586/… –  djechlin Jun 8 '13 at 22:40
+1 for the jekyll --watch note. That was tripping me up. –  jpolete Apr 11 '14 at 1:05
The jekyll --watch was key, especially since I had a separate watcher instance running in a different terminal and that was overwriting my output. –  Anthony Panozzo Aug 4 at 0:29

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