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I need an applescript that deletes any column in excel that doesn't contain the text I want in row 1. My script is below for deleting the columns that contain "REC_ID, F_STATUS, or EVENT_ID" in row 1.

set myValues to "REC_ID, F_STATUS, EVENT_ID"
tell application "Microsoft Excel"
set columnCount to (((count of columns of used range of active sheet)) + 1)
repeat with i from columnCount to 1 by -1
    set cellValue to value of cell ("1" & i)
    if cellValue is not in myValues then
        delete column i
    end if
end repeat
end tell

I keep getting this error error "Microsoft Excel got an error: The object you are trying to access does not exist" number -1728 from value of cell "133".

Thanks for the help!

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I changed your line:

set cellValue to value of cell ("1" & i)

to this:

set cellValue to value of row 1 of column i

..which appears to fix it.

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Works like a champ. Thanks! –  Chase Mitchell Jun 10 '13 at 2:52
Great, you're welcome :) –  David Jun 10 '13 at 22:08

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