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I wrote this code :

$stmt = $link->prepare($statement_string);

// [...]

$result_m = $stmt->result_metadata();
if ($result_m) {

  // [...]


Is that code right ?

I read the doc mysqli-stmt.result-metadata and mysqli-result.free doc. I also read this post : ...free-mysql-result-after-storing-it but I didn't find my answer.


What I want to know is : will the $stmt->free_result(); just liberate some memory allocation done by $stmt->store_result(); or clearly free the memory of the mysqli_result object built by $stmt->result_metadata(); ?

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I guess you should have read "mysqli-stmt.free-result" instead. +1 for reading the docs though. –  hjpotter92 Jun 8 '13 at 22:24

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according to these pages:



meta data and actual statement data (rows) are different objects so you must clear them both separately.

exactly as you did in your code.

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