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I have tried so much to get this database seed to work but I still get Class 'Account' not found even though I have namespaced where I should.

There error is thrown when running php artisan db:seed on $accountOut = Account::create(array( where Account is what is throwing the error. Am stating the using incorrectly? If I were to remove all the namespacing I have no issues at all.

My Account.php file:

<?php namespace App\Models;

class Account extends \Eloquent {

 * The database table used by the model.
 * @var string
protected $table = 'account';

/**public function user()
    return $this-belongsTo('User');

My seed file:


use App\Models;

class TransactionSeeder extends Seeder {

public function run()

    $accountOut = Account::create(array(
        'name'    => 'Checking',
        'origin'  => 'Bank'

    $accountIn = Account::create(array(
        'name'    => 'Stuff',
        'origin'  => 'Expense'

    $adminUser  = Sentry::getUserProvider()->findByLogin('admin@admin.com');

        'account_id_in'   => $accountIn->id,
        'account_id_out'    => $accountOut->id,
        'amount'    => 300.00


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I feel really stupid but instead of calling out use App\Models you would call out use App\Models\Account and it works as it should.

Then remember to run php composer.phar dump-autoload

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I've had similar issues and prefixing my classes with the namespace operator solved them.

Try \Account

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Still same error. It is a Symfony error still throwing on the same line after I put in \Account replacing Account –  tuck Jun 8 '13 at 23:01
If I change \Account to $accountOut = \App\Models\Account::create(array( it works. So what it seems like is the use statement is being ignored. –  tuck Jun 8 '13 at 23:06

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