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I use wxFTP to make simple client and I'm stucked on how to Upload recursively my folder or do download (which would should be same as delete) from FTP server. I know how to upload single file, make FTP folder and delete file. I will appreciate an article (not necessarily in C/C++) that teaches the concept or if someone can help me here.

Code example will be appreciated but take that as secondary. Sorry if it already asked and answered, I searched and didn't get anything that answered my question.

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I translated the code in answer to this question to C++ and that was it. Since So won't accept the answer and adds it to comments I have added Java code that I translated to C++. My current code is too long (in that it involves few functions and so not fit for SO I guess!

    public void saveFilesToServer(String remoteDest, File localSrc) throws IOException {
    FTPClient ftp = new FTPClient();
    if (!FTPReply.isPositiveCompletion(ftp.getReplyCode())) {
        log.fatal("FTP not disconnected");

    ftp.login("foo", "qwerty");"Connected to server .");;


    try {
        upload(localSrc, ftp);
    finally {
        ftp.disconnect();"FTP disconnected");           

public void upload(File src, FTPClient ftp) throws IOException {
    if (src.isDirectory()) {
        for (File file : src.listFiles()) {
            upload(file, ftp);
    else {
        InputStream srcStream = null;
        try {
            srcStream = src.toURI().toURL().openStream();
            ftp.storeFile(src.getName(), srcStream);
        finally {
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