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I am doing some batch programming and found this useful script for elevating permissions

I am fairly well versed with bat file programming but have never seen the construct on line 4

:: BatchGotAdmin

What is it. I hope its not an alternate mechanism to specify comments

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possible duplicate of What does :: (double colon) mean in DOS batch files? – Preet Sangha Jun 8 '13 at 23:56
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Technically it's a label. Anything that begins with a : is a label. You could probably do a goto ----------------------------------- if you really wanted to. But as you guessed (and others answered) it's just being used a comment in this case. Just like any label can be used as a comment.

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To borrow your wording:
Its an alternate mechanism to specify comments.

You basically answered your own question.

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It's just a comment with a bunch of dashes in it. It has no special meaning to the interpreter, but it looks like a line across the page, so it may serve as a way of (visually!) dividing the script up into sections.

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