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def room_actions    
  case $next_move
  when "instructions"
  when $next_move.any? { |x| ['up', 'down', 'left', 'right'].include?(x) }
    puts "I don't understand that."
    prompt; $next_move = gets.chomp()

Forgive me for not understanding what's going on here, but why is ruby throwing this error?

foo.rb:83:in room_actions': undefined methodany?' for "":String (NoMethodError)

$next_move is a global variable (I know they're bad, I'm refactoring) that I feed into this method from a gets chomp in a state machine.

It seems that I'm failing to define the 'any?' method. Or that the string I'm passing is empty? Anyway, isn't '.any?' a built in ruby method? I'm using 2.0.0.

Thank you for taking a look and advising.

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Strings (empty or not) don't have an any? method (enumerable such as arrays or hashes do. Strings were enumerable in ruby 1.8 but are no longer so).

It's very unclear to me why you are trying to call .any? on it in the first place - if you want to check whether it is one of that list of allowable values then


Will do the job

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Ah ha! THAT'S why it doesn't work. I wrote it in 1.8.7 and am now running it in 2.0.0! I KNEW I wasn't crazy! Thank you. –  user2448377 Jun 9 '13 at 0:53

The error message

undefined method `any?' for "":String

means you are trying to call any? on a String. The any? method, however, is only defined on Enumerable (and thus on collections like Array and Hash)

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any? method is for arrays. do just: ['up', 'down', 'left', 'right'].include?($next_move)

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