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Right now I am stuck, here is what I'm trying to do:

  • Create 3 threads:
  • These 3 threads will access a shared global resource (a vector)

At a certain point in the function (that all threads will call), there will be a Sleep(time) function, which makes the thread sleep, the function does not return. This is where I want another thread - thread 2, to access and use the function, modifying the global variable, until it sleeps, so thread 3 can access the function, ect...

The "critical section" function which accesses the global variable has an unspecified access time, it is never the same.

Initially, in main I call


What I attempted was, when this function is called, I immediately call


I then modify global variables, ect, then before the Sleep(time) I call


Problem with this is, the other threads don't EVER get access to the function, even though I leave it. Is there a way for my other threads to continuously, or even every 5 seconds, get access to the critical section? Could my implementation be better?

So here's what I have now

void function() // all our threads will access this
   // manipulate global data
   Sleep(long time) // another thread SHOULD NOW have access to this section!
   return true;
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Is there any possibility that a process is failing in the "// manipulate global data" section?

If so, then LeaveCriticalSection(&obj) would never be called.

Have you tried putting debug logs right before LeaveCriticalSection(&obj)?

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All control paths go to the LeaveCriticalSection(&obj) Even if something fails inside the critical section, the thread still sleeps, eventually... I'll attempt to put debug logs after it, that's a good idea. –  James Jun 9 '13 at 1:27
Your use of the critical section is the correct way to do it. It is possible the Sleep calls are causing a problem (deadlock) if other threads are waiting for the sleeping thread. The usual cause of such deadlocks is using SendMessage to a window created in another thread. –  ScottMcP-MVP Jun 9 '13 at 2:45

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