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Okay so I have a php script to insert data into a mysql table it looks like this:

$connect = mysql_connect('localhost','my_username','my_pass');
if (!$connect) {die('Could not connect to MySQL: ' . mysql_error());}
$cid =mysql_select_db('geolocation',$connect);
// supply your database name
// path where your CSV file is located
$csv_file = CSV_PATH . "new_Location.csv"; // Name of your CSV file
$csvfile = fopen($csv_file, 'r');
$theData = fgets($csvfile);
$i = 0;
$k = 0;
while (!feof($csvfile)) {
   $csv_data[] = fgets($csvfile, 1024);
   $csv_array = explode(",", $csv_data[$i]);
   $insert_csv = array();
   if(isset($csv_array[0]) && isset($csv_array[1]) &&  isset($csv_array[2]) &&  isset($csv_array[3]) &&  isset($csv_array[4]) &&  isset($csv_array[5]) &&  isset($csv_array[6]) &&  isset($csv_array[7]) &&  isset($csv_array[8])){
     $insert_csv['ID'] = $csv_array[0];
     $insert_csv['country'] = $csv_array[1];
     $insert_csv['region'] = $csv_array[2];
     $insert_csv['city'] = $csv_array[3];
     $insert_csv['postalCode'] = $csv_array[4];
     $insert_csv['latitude'] = $csv_array[5];
     $insert_csv['longitude'] = $csv_array[6];
     $insert_csv['other'] = $csv_array[7];
     $insert_csv['another'] = $csv_array[8];
     $query = "INSERT INTO City (locId, country, region, city, postalCode, latitude, longitude) VALUES('".$insert_csv['ID']."','".$insert_csv['country']."','".$insert_csv['region']."','".          $insert_csv['city']."','".$insert_csv['postalCode']."','".$insert_csv['latitude'].",,'".$in sert_csv['longitude']."'')";
  $n=mysql_query($query, $connect );
    echo $i . " \n";
    $k = 0;
echo "File data successfully imported to database!!";

now when I run the script everything seems to work properly and I get echo $i every once in a while and eventually the script ends with no errors or anything however when I look into my mysql (through phpmyadmin) I do not see any of the rows added to the table... I have also used another modified version of this script in the past and it worked perfectly (other than slow), However I'm still pretty green when it comes to mysql and can't seem to figure out what's going on... here is my table format

 locId --> int(11)
 country --> varchar(2)
 region --> varchar(2)
 city --> varchar(50)
 postalCode --> varchar(8)
 latitude --> varchar(10)
 longitude --> varchar(10)

and also a sample from the csv file:


any help with why this isn't workign or even how I can go about debugging it would be very much appreciated!

also note (I do not wish to have the last to value in the csv in my table) so those are ommited from the insert statement on purpose

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I don't see a longitude field in the table structure you posted... I assume that the field exists, right? –  Filippos Karapetis Jun 9 '13 at 3:29
ahh yes it does sorry ... i will make an edit to reflect that –  brendosthoughts Jun 9 '13 at 3:30

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i do something like this:

$file = fopen("$link_file","r")or die("file dont exist");
while (!feof($file )){
$campo = fgetcsv($file,4096,",");

$loadsql = "INSERT INTO temporal_table(id,state,etc) VALUES ('$campo[0]','$campo[1]','etc');";
mysql_query($loadsql) or die(mysql_error());

fclose($file );

i dont see you using fgetcsv function. and, did you try to echo the data in the while? use something like this:

echo $i." line query ".$query." <br>";


try this:

$csv_file = CSV_PATH . "new_Location.csv"; 
$file = fopen("$csv_file","r")or die("file error");
while (!feof($file)){

$insert_csv = fgetcsv($file,4096,",");
$query = "INSERT INTO City (
               longitude                //removed all the simple quotes..
           ) VALUES (
    mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());
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i will give your solution a try ... and yes I have tried the echo in the while loop and data is loaded into each of these attribute of $insert_csv –  brendosthoughts Jun 9 '13 at 4:06
check the edited post. –  kraysak Jun 9 '13 at 4:09
Your awesome, thanks alot it works :) ... data is slowly trickling in, Much appreciated! –  brendosthoughts Jun 9 '13 at 4:13
i am glad to.. :) –  kraysak Jun 9 '13 at 4:15
mmmm, idk, try to echo the query, echo " line query ".$query." <br>";, and try to execute it in the db, do you have phpmyadmin? .. or paste it here –  kraysak Jun 9 '13 at 4:33

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