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Does anyone know of any stream combinator libraries for dart? Things like joining multiple Stream into one Stream, split, combine(Stream, Stream) -> Stream<(A, B)>, etc.

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I'm not aware of a stream combinator library, but you could try to use StreamController to join streams.

Stream join(Stream a, Stream b) {
  var sc = new StreamController();
  int countDone = 0;
  done() {
    if (countDone == 2) {
  a.listen((e) => sc.add(e), onDone: done);
  b.listen((e) => sc.add(e), onDone: done);

  return sc.stream;

Warning: untested code.

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Yes, that's basically what I wrote, but there are problems that I pointed out here. stackoverflow.com/questions/17018427/… –  jz87 Jun 10 '13 at 16:55

Check out my library Frappe. It's loosely inspired by Bacon.js, and has a bunch of methods for combining streams.

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