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I was attempting to follow the code found here:



However, when I get the dependencies and run the code in dartium, I get the following error. This error occurs when calling the create() method of ComponentItem (in the .dart code):

Breaking on exception: Class 'SayHello' has no instance method 'created_autogenerated'.

I rewrote them ever so slightly below (code is identical except main has been moved to be dart code rather than inlined):

<!-- component_created_in_code_test.html -->
<!doctype html>
Copyright (c) 2013, the Dart project authors.  Please see the AUTHORS file
for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
<html lang="en">
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1">
  <script src="packages/web_ui/testing/testing.js"></script>
  <element name="say-hello">
    <template>Hello {{name}}!</template>
    <script type='application/dart' src="component_created_in_code.dart">
  <say-hello name="component create in html"></say-hello>

and the following dart code,


library component_created_in_code;

import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:html';
import 'package:web_ui/web_ui.dart';

class SayHello extends WebComponent {
  String name;

void main() {
  Timer.run(() {
    var hello = new SayHello()
    ..host = new DivElement()
    ..name = 'component created in code';

    // "hello" is the DOM node.
    // "hello.xtag" is your SayHello object.
    // We are working on making these be the same object.

    // If the component uses data-binding, we need to make sure the
    // "lifecycle" methods get called. We are working to make this be
    // automatic too.
    var lifecycleCaller = new ComponentItem(hello)..create();
    window.postMessage('done', '*');

It would appear that this dart-lang example has a problem. Am I missing something or is the code just borked?

After getting this question answered, I packaged up the working solution to the problem.


Simply pull from git, and then import into dartEditor. Then 'pub install' and 'reanalyze source' (never hurts) from the editor, then right click "Run in Dartium" on "web/component_created_in_code.html".

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Stephen, I got the errors below when running your sample. Do you see them too? "//@ sourceMapURL=" source mapping URL declaration is deprecated, "//# sourceMapURL=" declaration should be used instead. "//@ sourceMapURL=" source mapping URL declaration is deprecated, "//# sourceMapURL=" declaration should be used instead. FAIL Internal error: 'package:web_ui/web_ui.dart': Error: line 137 pos 34: class 'WebComponent' overrides function 'createInstance' of super class 'Element' with incompatible parameters DocumentFragment createInstance() => host.createInstance(); –  Y2i Aug 14 '13 at 15:49
For some reason I had old libraries in the packages folder even after doing pub install. Doing it couple more times solved the problem, thank you! –  Y2i Aug 15 '13 at 4:28

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It sounds like you need to run the Web UI compiler first. Either run packages/web_ui/dwc.dart on your HTML file, or write a build.dart along these lines:

import 'dart:io';
import 'package:web_ui/component_build.dart';

void main() {
  build(new Options().arguments, ['web/component_created_in_code_test.html']);
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This was the problem. Thanks. –  Stephen Cagle Jun 10 '13 at 21:11

I tested the same with build 0.5.13_r23552 editor & SDK and run into the same problem when running in Dartium. If I do the dart2js (Run as Javascript/Generate javascript) however, it works.

However, be aware of the following (based on my experience):

  • Try to change to the SDK version that it has been tested and verified with.
  • It seems the tests are updated to run with 0.5.15; while the SDK delivered with the editor on the dartlang site is only 0.5.13. Maybe clone the bleeding edge version to make it work?
  • Dart is constantly evolved. Always do pub update on your project after updating to the newest editor, if you are using dependencies and not a specific library version.
  • Add the build.dart to your project to make sure that code is generated on changes (See bottom of this page: Build.dart setup)
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