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I have the following form of assignment & null checks to avoid double lookups in my maps.
Is there a better or more idiomatic way to do this in Dart?

bool isConnected(a, b){
  List list;
  return (
    ((list = outgoing[a]) != null && list.contains(b)) ||
    ((list = incoming[a]) != null && list.contains(b))
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Currently != null is the only way to check for null.

There is an open issue to add something like the Groovy Safe Navigation operator which would allow you to rewrite your code as the following:

// WARNING: proof of concept, doesn't actually work
bool isConnected(a, b){
  return (outgoing[a]?.contains(b) || incoming[a]?.contains(b));

That's a much cleaner way to do a null check and should hopefully be coming to Dart at some point. However, at this point in time you need to explicitly check != nullbeforehand.

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Writing outgoing[a]?.contains(b) is dangerous, at least with Groovy semantics, because when outgoing is null, the entire expression evaluates to null. So you might in fact get get something like return (null || true), which will throw in checked mode. –  Ladicek Jun 9 '13 at 15:35
Thanks for the open issue link. –  z5h Jun 9 '13 at 16:32

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