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1) hi i want to create a program where the User can input strings and it add on as list.

eg cmd : "hello "
   cmd : "every "
   cmd : "one "
'hello' 'every ' 'one'

a = 0
while a < 3:
    b = str(raw_input("cmd : "))
    list1 = [b]
    a += 1

print list1

issue i am having is adding up string to list on every loop ! i am missing some logic argument for this to happen. these string i would like to assign later on to some function.

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You need an append list1 += [b] instead of assignment list1 = [b]

And in Python in this case its better to use for in. Also raw_input would return a string, you do not need to convert it

for a in range(3):
    b = raw_input("cmd : ")
    list1 += [b]

Or even better to use list comprehension as there is an overhead for appending a list.

list1 = [raw_input("cmd : ") for _ in range(3)]
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I think it would be more pythonic to use list1.append(b) (should be more efficient also since the [b] object doesn't have to be created.) –  korylprince Jun 9 '13 at 5:33
it worked Perfect. –  Kapil Soni Jun 9 '13 at 5:36
List1 = [] for a in range(2): b = raw_input("cmd :") List1.append(b) a += 1 print List1 –  Kapil Soni Jun 9 '13 at 6:24
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List1 = []
for a in range(2):
    b = raw_input("cmd :")
    a += 1
print List1

After going through the forum answer and by "korylprince" this is the code i come-up with which do exactly what i wanted.

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