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What would be the best ways to visualize a binary matrix on a php web front?

I am developing a web front for a mysql database using php. I have a large binary matrix that needs to be clearly displayed for analysis at a specific time as well as over a user specified time frame. The binary data stored in the matrix represents an event occurring between the two variables (X & Y). This data will change over time so it is necessary to be able to display the data in multiple forms. The goal is to display if the event happened immediately, within a set timeframe, or ever. The user will select the number (and type) of both X and Y variables.

  • Table: So far, I have tried creating a simple table and coloring the cells (red or green) depending on the binary input of the corresponding location on the matrix. I was thinking this could be expanded to incorporate the dimension of time using different colors in the cells: a different color for event never occurred, immediately occurred, or eventually occurred. Though I like the idea of this, it looks somewhat generic in practice and doesn't flow nicely with the page. Is there a framework that generates color coded table representations of binary data, possibly over time? Or anything similar?

  • Time Line: Building upon the table idea, I feel like this could also be visualized in a bar graph style timeline. The bar would change color under two circumstances: First, when the Y variable becomes active and second when (or if) the event occurs between the two variables. I have looked into frameworks like jpGraph, pChart, etc. but they seem somewhat limited when it comes to presenting this type of data. I do not necessarily have to stick to php frameworks. I have looked into some flash frameworks as well, but again with no real success. Any tips presenting this data in a timeline?

  • Venn Diagram: I was also thinking that it would be good to present the data using venn diagrams in order to explore the overlap of the sets. This visualization could help the user easily pick combinations of variables with the least overlap of sets, a necessary requirement of the project. My problem is that I may be using more than 3 sets because the amount of variables are controlled by the user. Finding sets with the least overlap shouldn't be too difficult on the backend but, is there a good way to actually visualize this data (set membership) for more than three sets?

I truly appreciate any tips or suggestions on this topic. I will continue looking for frameworks and be sure to leave updates as I find new information. Thanks!

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