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I have this screen:

enter image description here

I want this ball to be moved using accelerometer and collide with the walls.

When I declared it as dynamic it moved but not collide, when I declared it as dynamic it had a strange trembling in its movement and after a while stop collide and went out of the borders. My code (for physics and movement function) is:

function onTilt( event )

ball.x = (ball.x + event.xGravity * 20)
ball.y=(ball.y+ event.yGravity * 20)

physics.addBody ( mazepart1, "static" ,physicsData:get("mazepart1"))
physics.addBody ( mazepart1, "static" ,physicsData:get("mazepart2"))
physics.addBody (borders, "static" ,physicsData:get("borders"))
physics.addBody ( ball, "dynamic" ,physicsData:get("ball1"))

Runtime:addEventListener( "accelerometer", onTilt )

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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Try not to change the x and y of the object because it may move unnatural, try to change the gravity itself, by change the physics.setGravity(event.yGravity,event.xGravity) something like that to make the move realistic. But your object must be dynamic.

Let the gravity move your ball.

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