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Now that offline_access has been removed, I'm wondering how I should set up my app. Here's an overview of my app as I want it to work:

  • A first user, admin, logs in first, makes a facebook page and starts building a followers list.
  • Other facebook users, others, find the page, and log in as well
  • The admin can choose from the others a few to give them more rights, they become moderators.

NB: it is assumed this group of people know each other outside facebook and the internet. Also, the admin pays for this system.

The system with this user role model has to publish to the page of the admin. This might happen when the admin is signed in or not, it could also happen when an other user is logged in or when a cronjob is called.

I need this system to continue to work even after the 2-month access token of the admin expires, otherwise the facebook page would go cold. How can I make sure that doesn't happen?

The only thing I can think of is keeping track of the expiration date of the access tokens and mailing (automatically) or calling when an admin doesn't sign in for 1.5 month. Is that the recommended way to do this? Are there other things I should consider?

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As per your case here, instead of using admin's extended access token you may use the same (extended access token) to retrieve the page access token from the


endpoint which will return the never expiring page access token for the page your admin wants to administer and use the same for the purpose of posting/sharing on the Page's wall.

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