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I am trying to plot energy of a body in 20s time window. In first 20s window the energy is 1 unit, in the next 20s window energy is 4 units and in the third 20s window the energy is 9 units.

I have only one array containing energy values:

Energy=[1 4 9 ] ; 

I have taken only 3 values for illustration only. Actually I am having 1024 values.

How do I plot energy vs time graph as shown below?

enter image description here

This does not help:

plot(t, Energy )

neither this one (which is wrong as the dimensions of t and Energy are not equal)

plot(t, Energy )

Finally I tried this one;

  Energy=[1 4 9 ] ; 


  for k=1:3

      for i=1:20





 plot(t,Energy  )
 xlabel('Time (s)')

Which is giving wrong plot:

enter image description here

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The figure you posted looks like a stairstep plot; try

t = [0 20 40 60]; 
Energy = [1 4 9 4]; 
stairs(t, Energy)

From your plot I also see that you want a final bit of horizontal line that is equal to the last value of Energy. To do this, before you plot the data, you could do the following,

t = [t t(end)+20]; 
Energy = [Energy Energy(end)];
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what should be the values of t ? – gpuguy Jun 9 '13 at 7:47
@gpuguy please see edited answer. – wakjah Jun 9 '13 at 7:57
Thanks you solved my issue. – gpuguy Jun 9 '13 at 8:20

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