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I have three hard drives and at the moment they all contain an own dm-crypt encrypted partition/lvm. Therefore I have three different passphrases for my system and if I understand dm-crypt correctly they are all encrypted with different keys. Copying files from one encryption to another is extremly slow. I think it is because the chunks have to be decrypted and encrypted again (eventhough I do not see a lot of CPU usage while copying). I would like to use the same encryption pattern for all drives. Is that possible?


EDIT: I get like 3.8mb/s write performance, when copying large files.

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Well, I'm not sure about dmcrypt alone. But if you use LUKS, it will use an encryption key internaly, that you don't have access to. The key you provide, is key to the internally stored key, so you can later change the key in case it leaks (off your thumb drive or whatever) with almost no overhead of re-encrypting the drive.

So unless there is the same "problem" with dmcrypt, you could use the same key.

However, I would not expect the dmcrypt driver to check if the target drive is encrypted with the same key so it can skip the decryption/encryption steps.

Anyway, It is surprising that you are experiencing "extreme" degradation in performance as dmcrypt should pretty fast.

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