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I am making a custom UIView that has a datasource much like a UITableView. When should this datasource be asked for data for the first time and in which method of my UIView subclass?

Right now I query the datasource when it is set in my view's property.

I'm thinking that the table view does this differently, because if I provide it's datasource in a storyboard/xib and I create the data in the viewDidLoad method of the view controller (by then the datasource is already set) then the datasource will still be queried without calling reloadData. When does a table view reload it's data without asking it explicitly to do so?

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I had a hunch, but to get an authoritative answer, I used the debugger. I set a break point in -numberOfSectionsInTableView: and -tableView:numberOfRowsInSection:.

They are called from -[UITableView reloadData] of course, but also from -[UITableView layoutSubviews]. In the special case of -[UITableViewController tableView], -[UITableViewController viewWillAppear:] calls -numberOfSectionsInTableView: directly (iOS 6.1 simulator).

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