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I need to change the shiftdate variable after 05:30 AM. Since i need to generate data from past 24 hrs starting 05:31 AM to Next day 05:30 AM. I tried like this, but its giving previous day every time. Please help.

I want $shiftdate to use in my sql query;


    if(date('H:i')>="00:00" || date('H:i')<"05:30"){
                      $shiftdate=  date('Y-m-d',strtotime(date('Y-m-d'))-24*60*60);

                  else if(date('H:i')>"05:30" || date('H:i')<"00:00")

                  echo $shiftdate; 
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  1. You can't just compare string like "05:30" as a number and hope for the best. You need to compare numerical value of the hour and then numerical value of the minute.

  2. You have a race in between the first if and the else if

  3. Also the else if doesn't cover it completely, so if it hit's the sweetspot, you can end up with $shiftdate being NULL.

  4. Make it a function with protoype shiftdate_type_whatever_it_is fn_name(int hour, int minute);. This way you can simply unit test the function for different (think boundary) values of the date("H:i");

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You can use the DateTime classes for this and encapsulate your check into a function:-

 * @param DateTime $checkTime
 * @return string
function getShiftDate(DateTime $checkTime)
    $shiftDate = (new DateTime())->setTimestamp($checkTime->getTimestamp());
    $hours = (int)$checkTime->format('H');
    $minutes = (int)$checkTime->format('i');
    $totalMins = $hours * 60 + $minutes;
    if($totalMins < 330){
    return $shiftDate->format('Y-m-d');

var_dump(getShiftDate(new DateTime()));

Obviously the input to the function may need to be modified as I don't know how you get your date/time, but that won't be a problem. Post a comment if you need help with that.

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