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I am trying to write a simple program that will take input about people in this format:


Here is the code so far:

 #include <stdio.h>

 int main() {
    char name[10];
    int age;
    char gender[2];
    char info[50];

    while(scanf("%9s,%i,%1s,%49[^\n]", name, &age, gender, info) == 4)

    return 0;

So at the terminal I enter something like: bob,10,M,likes cheese but it does not print out the success message, so I guess the condition at the while loop failed.

So add this code to check the number of arguments:

int i = scanf("%9s,%i,%1s,%49[^\n]", name, &age, gender, info);
printf("%i", i);

and when I enter bob,10,M,likes cheese again, it prints out 1.

Can anyone help please?

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There is no need for scanf, and indeed this question gives evidence that scanf is too complex to ever be used reliably. Use fgets and tokenize the string. It's probably easier to learn how to do that than it is to learn to use scanf properly. –  William Pursell Jun 9 '13 at 13:26

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%9s will consume input until it finds white-space, reaches the specified length (9) or the end of the string, which, in this case, will consume bob,10,M, instead of just bob.


Try %9[^,],%i,%1s,%49[^\n] instead.


Also, since gender is 1 character, you may as well make it a char and use %c instead of %1s (unless it's optional).


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